12th Lewisham North Cubs did a night on the HMS Cavalier at Chatham Dockyards after doing a hike around Shorne woods.

Aboard The HMS Cavalier.

On Saturday, we left our Cub hall and drove to Shorne Country Park. We walked 5 miles around the woods on the Heritage Trail and discovered a ring of amazing carved chairs out of tree trunks. We had a picnic lunch on logs and got back on the coach. We then drove to Chatham dockyard and went straight to HMS Cavalier, made our beds in the mess room, and then had dinner at the restaurant.

After, we played games and also got to ring the ship’s bell! Then we explored the ship until we reached the steering wheel and saw the famous golden cockerel. Soon after, we went to bed.

On Sunday we woke up, had an English breakfast at the restaurant and then (this is the best bit!) we explored a famous submarine called the Ocelot. We saw underwater missiles and explored the bedrooms where people used to sleep in tiny bunk beds. Shortly after that, we visited the control room of the Ocelot and looked through the giant telescope and I could see HMS Gannet through it.

After we left the Ocelot, we went onto HMS Gannet, which is an old sailing ship that served in the war. We explored the ship and there was a panel of glass on the floor that looked down into the water. When we went inside, we saw the ginormous engine and it was bigger than me!

Next, we went to the Ropery and learned how to make ropes. In here was a room that was a quarter of a mile long and apparently is the longest room in Europe! The ropery man taught us how to make a rope and the Cub leaders made one that we brought back with us. We had a quick snack under a tree in the gardens and then got back onto the coach to come home.

I thought it was one of the best Cub camps ever because it was so exciting sleeping on a warship. Also, I liked learning about World War 2, the ships that served in it, and what the sailors did in their daily life on the ship.

Thank you, Akela, Raksha, Baloo, Kaa, and Bagheera for taking us all there.