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Jamies Voice –

Why I enjoy scouting?

We all come from different schools and so it’s nice to have new friends and learn things that we don’t do at school. It doesn’t matter if people aren’t good at school because you can still be a good scout.

Now, Its your turn!

Ever thought “My Leaders just don’t know what I want” or “I want to do…”, click below and have your say about how Lewisham Scouting is run.

Recognise Someone

We are extremely proud of all our volunteers who have received awards. However, we know there are more people in the District who continue to do great things for young people and Scouting locally who may be overlooked simple because we do not know they are there. We need your help to find them!

Complete the below form, telling us all about the individual, their achievements and why you think they deserve extra recognition. We will pass this information to the relevant individuals. We will also do our best to recognise your Volunteers in everyway we know how!

Online Training

This safeguarding training’s designed to help you stay up-to-date on safeguarding practice and your responsibilities as a member of Scouts.

Each member must complete in person Safeguarding and Safety training at least once every 6 years, and online training at lease once every 3 years. It is so important to keep on top of this…. 30 minutes to protect the well being of our members… no brainer really!