Our District has some amazing volunteers, who give up their spare time to plan and deliver skills for life in everyday adventures, on a daily basis our leaders go above and beyond for their Group or Unit. These individuals will be nominated for Good Service Awards, Commendations, and National Honours. There are also length of service awards for each and everyone to achieve for the length of time you have been involved in Scouts.

These awards are the way the Scout Association says “Thank You” for all of the your work.

Chief Scout’s Commendation


Shining Stars

Silver AwardShelby Millard1st New Cross
Silver AwardJoanne Fuller1st New Cross
Silver AwardAdam Longhurst3rd Crofton Park
Silver AwardDonna Edwards12th Lewisham South
Silver AwardBarry GoswellFrylands Wood Scout outdoor centre
Silver AwardNick SmithFrylands Wood Scout outdoor centre
Silver AwardAmber CoxFrylands Wood Scout outdoor centre
Silver AwardSteph Holgate12th Lewisham South
Annual Gold AwardSteph Holgate12th Lewisham South

County Commissioners Award

Sep-12Trevor Quinton
Mar-12Micheal Jordan
Nov-12Tom Wheeler
Jul-12Val Holloway
Jun-12Philip Andrews
Jun-12Dave Fricker1st New Cross
Jun-12Beverly Jordan
Jun-12Rodney Carder
Jun-12Ian Andrews
Jun-12Garry Copper
Jun-12Jackie Hanwell
Jun-12Dave Hanwell
Jun-12Gemma Mc Gill
Jun-12Richard MorrisonLewisham District
Jun-12Gillian Leach6th Lewisham South (St Andrew’s)
Jun-12Robert Ludlow32nd Deptford
Jun-12Elieen Copper
Jun-12Ana Gomes
Jun-12Mario Gomes
Apr-12Luke Cohen1st New Cross
Mar-12Chris EllinsonLewisham District
Mar-12Peter Hapgood
Jan-12Narden Moneapillay
Jan-12Barabar Parsons
Dec-11Win Cox
Dec-11Lesley Payn
Dec-11Amanda Pywell21st Lewisham North (Our Lady of Lourdes)

Award for Merit

2021Richard Studd2nd Sydenham
2020Adam Longhurst3rd Crofton
2019Morgan Fuller2nd Sydenham
2019Tom Turnham11th Forest Hill
2019Mel Fuller2nd Sydenham
2019Alan BritchfordLewisham District
Jan-08Brian Sweeting1st New Cross

Bar to the Award for Merit

2021Denise Pritchard6th Lewisham South
May 2015Brian Sweeting1st New Cross

Silver Acorn

2021Julia Anstey9th Sydenham
2012Ray Turpin
2012John Roberts
2012Kevin MurphyLewisham District
2012Garry LeachLewisham District
2011Ray Wickes
2011Phil Matthews
2011Pam Goodwin
2011John Goodwin
2010Astrid Roberts
2007Geoffrey Morriss1st New Cross
2007Avril Howell
2007Bill Compton
2006Jennifer McCullough
1999Peter James
1999Josie James
1999Lawrie Smith
1998Richard MorrisonLewisham District
1997Trevor Flanders
1994Peter James
1990Lena Richardson

Bar to the Silver Acorn

2021Kevin MurphyLewisham District
2021Garry LeachLewisham District
2008Trevor Flanders
2006Lawrie Smith
2006Lena Richardson
2005Josie James
2004Mike JacksonLewisham District
2000Peter James

Silver Wolf

Nov-19Richard MorrisonLewisham District
Mar-19Trevor Flanders28th Lewisham North
Apr-18Bill Compton12th Lewisham South (1st Downham)
Apr-16David BixbyFrylands Wood Service Crew Active Support
Apr-12Mike JacksonLewisham District
Apr-12Lawrie SmithLewisham District
2011Les Evans
Apr-11Josie JamesLewisham District
Apr-06Peter JamesFrylands Wood Service Crew Active Support

Recognise Someone

We are extremely proud of all our volunteers who have received awards.

However, we know there are more people in the District who continue to do great things for young people and Scouting locally who may be overlooked simple because we do not know they are there. We need your help to find them!

Complete the below form, telling us all about the individual, their achievements and why you think they deserve extra recognition. We will pass this information to the relevant individuals. We will also do our best to recognise your Volunteers in everyway we know how!

We are looking for Youth Members doing amazing things too…

Youth Awards

Across the District we have young people taking part in expeditions, undertaking challenging volunteering tasks, learning new skills and tackling that all important physical activity in the pursuit of achieving a Top Award. Scouts offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and the Top Award Scheme. Whilst every award earnt under these schemes is worth shouting about, we want to give a special shout out to our Queen Scout Award holders across the District. These Awards stay with you as one of the most important achievements well past your time in Scouting and here are some of the amazing people who have achieved them!

Queen Scout Award

2017Vicky WilcoxLewisham District

Duke of Edinburgh

2017Vicky WilcoxLewisham District

County Commissioners Award (Youth Members)

Dec-11Huw Finch
Dec-11Joradan Thompson
Dec-11Frankie Postles
Dec-11Alexander Sheahan Kilkerr
Dec-11Nathan Num
Dec-11Benjamin Num
Dec-11Jake Ruibal
Dec-11Johnny Postles
Dec-11Pietro Venditelli
Dec-11Jack Sharp
Dec-11Joshua Joseph
Mar-12Georgie Erskine
Mar-12Daniel Nzekwe
Mar-13Harry Gallagher-Francis
Mar-13Jessica Taylor