Nights Away

Planning a night away?

Don’t forget to send a Nights Away Notification to let us know your planning a night away with your Group/Unit.

This should be submitted at least 14 days before your Night Away begins.

What is a Night Away?

Nights Away form an integral part of Scouting, whether they are held in a campsite, in your hall, on an navy war ship or just about any where else you can image. A Night Away is any event where it is intended that young people will sleep over night.

Before running a Night Away, ask yourself:

  • Do you or another member of your leadership team hold the correct Nights Away Permit?
  • Are the activities you want to take part in appropriate for the young people you are taking?
  • Does everyone attending your Night Away have the knowledge necessary to complete the trip safely, the appropriate consents, and the required training?
  • Have you completed your risk assessment, participant records, e-nan form, menu, kit list, and activity plan?

During your Night Away

We want to hear about the successes of your trips! Please send us an update on how your event went, include pictures or quotes from your young people. You can submit all of these stories here.

If you have any questions or problems during your Night Away, please contact the Lewisham District Commissioner on 07885203394.

Nights Away Across Lewisham

The Nights Away Permit Scheme

Before you can run a Night Away, you must hold a Nights Away Permit. The Nights Away Permit Scheme promotes quality residential and camping experiences. It shows that all those leading nights away events for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to take young people away safely.

There are four types of permit: Indoor, Campsite, Green Field, and Lightweight expedition. If you would like any further information on any of these permits, please visit the UK Scout page.

How to obtain a Nights Away Permit?

Provided you hold a full role in scouting, you can apply to be assessed for a Nights Away Permit. Although managed locally, the Nights Away Permit Scheme is a national scheme, so once gained, a permit will allow you to run a Night Away in any District or County.

Before you apply for the permit, please make sure you have familiarised yourself with the Nights Away Permit Scheme Applicants Guide and Checklist.

Within Lewisham, if you wish to apply for a Nights Away Permit, you must submit your Nights Away Application Form to our Nights Away Team via the links to the Right.

Applying for a night’s away permit?

Thinking of taking your section away but not sure what the process is?

Have any further questions about the Nights Away Permit Scheme?

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