Explorers are a go-getting group of young people aged 14 to 18. Together, they make up the fourth section of the Scouts.

What do Explorers get up to?

Week in and week out, they gather in groups called Units to try new things, make new friends and conquer the small task of changing the world.

Being an Explorer is all about discovering the world on your own terms and making the most of what you have, wherever and whoever you are.

Discover the world.

Alongside your new friends, you’ll master the skills that will make you feel stronger and happier in the long run, and try things you’d never get the chance to do at home or at school. With numerous national and international opportunities, Explorers develop the independence to plan their own journey only needing support from leaders when they ask.

Whether you’re hiking to faraway lands or building a robot in your local town hall, you’ll have the freedom to choose what you’d like to do, and work together with adults to make it happen.

Start small but think big.

Explorers stand up for what they believe in and make a difference on a big scale, confident in the knowledge that their daily actions and constant activity add up to tackle the wider challenge. Explorers go beyond Scouts in their ability to build life long bridges and challenge the way the community thinks. Most importantly, Explorers have the ability to say yes far more often than they say no, whether they’re taking Duke of Edinburgh, or writing their computer programme to combat loneliness.

Throughout history, they’ve played all sorts of useful roles in society, and this legacy continues today.

Become a Leader

If taking the lead sounds like something you’d like to try for yourself, sign up for the Explorer Scout Young Leader’s Scheme to get some hands-on experience volunteering with the younger Scout sections. This leadership scheme will develop your character whilst providing you with a support network to ask questions when you reach a challenge in your leadership role.

Explorers as a section works best when the activities are led by the you. If you want to go climbing, organise it! If you want to build a car, plan it! If you want to learn how to code, sign up for a course! Explorers is your section, make it what you want it to be.

Top Awards

Explorers seek out the opportunities to build their CVs and discover what it is they are good at. There are two major schemes within Scouting that help them to do this in a fun way: the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Top Awards Scheme. If you are one of the ambitious ones, you could be part of a very exclusively group of people who hold the Queen Scout Award, an award that will make your CV stand out with a bang. Throughout Explorers you will have the opportunity to work towards your Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards, as well as your Chief Scout’s Platinum, Chief Scout’s Diamond and ultimately your Queen’s Scout Award.

If you want to learn more, come join us!