We have many fun activities going on across the district for all sections, young people and adults alike. You will find all details about Lewisham Events in the Calendar below, you can confirm attendance and leave feedback for each event by clicking on the event in the Calendar.

Hosting an event of your own? Holding regular meetings? Want to boost your attendance? We are here to help!

Lewisham District’s Calendar

You can find all District events, camps and meetings here. You can register your interest and provide feedback here too.

Hosting an Event?

We will include your event on the Calendar, shout about it on emails and obtain feedback on your behalf, if you complete the information we need.

South London’s Calendar

You will find all County events and meetings here! You can register your interest, find out details and provide feedback here.

You will also find training sessions here!

Keep up to date with South London Scouts and National Events!

As a member of the Scouting movement, you are invited to attend any County and National events open to its members. These are a good way of building connections across UK Scouting, as well as improving your knowledge and building your experience within Scouting.

South London Scouting is responsible for running your training, make sure you are up to date, and attend everything open to you as a member, volunteer, and leader.

Head Quarter’s Calendar

You will find all National events, meetings and training here! You can register your interest, find our details and provide feedback here.