Hello, my name is Hayley from the 1st New Cross Scout Group. I’m thrilled to share that we’ve successfully collected Easter egg donations for the children at Gosh Children’s Hospital. We gathered a total of 179 eggs, with only two being broken.

Additionally, we managed to collect an abundance of mini eggs, bunnies, and lollies, allowing us to assemble two wonderful hampers for the staff at Gosh Hospital. I personally delivered these hampers to the hospital today.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the following groups for their generous donations. Your support has been invaluable, and it means a lot to me:

1st New Cross (The Greys) Scout Group
2nd Deptford Scouts
32nd Deptford
1st Hithergreen
2nd Sydenham
12th Forest Hill
8th Lewisham

Thank you all once again for your kindness and support.


1st New Cross