It was lovely seeing all the new faces, Leaders, and Beaver Scouts at the first District Sleepover since the Pandemic.

A huge thanks to 1st New Cross and 32nd Deptford Leaders who did an amazing job in making a fun-packed program for the weekend for all our new beavers.

It was lovely to see all our young people going home with such big smiles on their faces. Now, who said learning didn’t have to be fun? From fighting their fears on the obstacle course and the tunnels to a late-night walk around Frylands talking about the wildlife you can find there. Mystical rabbits, that only beavers can see, were spotted frequently to everyone’s delight.

I’m sure everyone did something new whether it was building and cooking a pizza, roasting marshmallows on the campfire and learning some campfire songs, or spending their first night away from home and family. Also making paracord keyrings after learning how to tie knots that can be made into something cool to take home and how can I forget racing the grass sleds down the grass bank and having a bubble fest with 20 giant bubble wands.

I know for myself, and I’m sure I can speak for everyone, I slept well when I got home! So, here is to a new era and a new year in beaver scouting, bring on the next event. Although the leaders will always miss Michelle’s Mac’n’Cheese! So let’s make some noise, after all, we are Lewisham Beaver Scouts, there are no limits.

Graham Taylor
Lewisham Beaver Scout Leader