The Lewisham Scout District Governance Support Team has recently been set up and meets regularly. You may ask why now? The reason is because the District Executive Committee felt it was not supporting Group Executives in a pro-active way, and it was felt that we should be reaching out to Groups to support them better on governance.

Who do we help?

Group Officers including Group Chairs, Group Secretaries and Group Treasurers did not have a network to discuss issues, find solutions and share good practice – so we have set one up. We meet three times a year led by our District Chair Mike Jackson. We hope this in turn will support Group Scout Leaders better.  We are available to advise and happy to attend Group Executives and Group AGMs if invited.

Who are the team?

Kevin Murphy and Richard Morrison are the Co-Chairs plus Philipp Dunkel, Chris Ellinson, Gill Leach and Mike Jackson. We are supported by our communication team Vicky Wilcox and Luke Cohen. There is a wealth of experience on our team including a former County Commissioner, former District Commissioners, experienced GSLs and Development Managers.

We have a lot to do. We were set up not because of covid but given this new threat we think there are even more reasons why we need to support Groups during these changing times.