Nepal 2006 – The first expedition

In April 2006 a group of 35 Scouts, Explorer Scouts and leaders from Lewisham North Scout District went to Nepal for a two week period. While in Nepal the group embarked on a week long trek that took them to an altitude of 3193 meters. The group trekked through stunning hills and snow peaked mountains before returning to the tranquil lake side city of Pokhara. During the second week the group made its way back to the hustle and bustle of the capital Kathmandu where the group donated over 80 illustrated children’s books to a Non Government Funded school called EPHC (Education Protection and Help for Children).

Nepal 2008 – Returning to Nepal

Because of the success of the expedition in 2006 a new expedition was devised, in fact this time Lewisham North Scout District sent out two expeditions to Nepal. One of these expeditions trekked to the famous Mount Everest Base Camp some 5500 meters above sea level while a second expedition trekked to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) at an altitude of 4500 meters above sea level. The Annapurna expedition also went on elephant back safari and white water rafting. Both expeditions also revisited EPHC and donated children’s clothes and more school books

Nepal 2010 – Moving on up

Nepal 2010 ran two expeditions – as in 2008. The Annapurna Base Camp expedition remained much the same with only a few changes to the trekking route. They also completed two days on safari. The second expedition was the most challenging ever attempted – to climb a trekking peak at nearly 6500 meters (1000 meters above Everest Base Camp!). After summiting Tharpu Chuli, the expedition met up with the ABC trekking team at Annapurna Base Camp before trekking back to the city of Pokhara. The adventure did not end there – both expeditions then embarked on three days of white water rafting before heading back to Kathmandu where they again supported EPHC.