The last term as the nights were dark it seemed sensible for the Cubs at 12th Lewisham North to work towards their Astronomer badge and find out all about the night sky, Sun and Moon. We used a star chart to look at the constellations above the Hall on a clear evening and had a game to find out about the James Webb Telescope, which had been in the news, before switching the lights off and asking our Young Leaders, who are much taller than me, to hold up a torch so we could test our pinhole paper plates to check they worked for looking at the sun.

We finished off with a great trip to the Observatory at Greenwich park, even though it had to be postponed thanks to the storm initially, where we had exclusive access to the show and the Astronomer was impressed with the Cub’s knowledge before making models of the Solar system and having Lunch. We used the rest of the day to do a bit of Navigation around the park and play a couple of games before returning home.

One of our Sixers has also given their thoughts on the day as part of the Team Leader badge. A great day out and the staff were very helpful with a choice of workshops and a whole pack of worksheets to help any Leader run this badge.

“On Saturday the 2nd of April we went on a trip to the Observatory! We were told all about constellations and did lots of activities including seeing exactly where the sun, stars, and planets are in the sky, making 3D models of the solar system out of polystyrene, paint, blue tack, and kebab sticks! We then went around Greenwich Park on a walk using a map to find the secret garden! I really enjoyed this trip and I think other cubs would like it too!”

By Cub Jenna