Old Palace Lodge, which has a proud history of supporting local charities presented a cheque for £500 to go towards the repair of the flagpole at Frylands Wood Scout Outdoor Centre. The Flagpole erected in 2009 in memory of 21st Lewisham North Scout Jimmy Mizen who was murdered in 2007 is in need of some repair and the lodge kindly agreed to contribute towards the repair. 

This is a fantastic gesture from the Old Palace lodge, unfortunately over the years our flagpole has seized up internally, so this kind donation will allow us to get it fixed and once again our flags will proudly fly high over Frylands.

Chris Ellinson, Co- Chair of Frylands Wood Scout outdoor centre

Also present in Scout Uniform were Mr. Bill Stern (GLS County president) and Mr. Tony Harvey a volunteer member of the HQ team.