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Hey, my name is Luke, I am a Scout leader for the 1st New Cross and District Comm's for Lewisham. I love volunteering my time and Helping where I can.

Adult Recruitment Section C

Section C – Useful Links This section contains a lot of material that you may find useful. But don’t forget that there is no “right way” of recruiting. Some of the ideas will work for you and others may not….

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Adult Recruitment Section B

Section B – Who can help you – District, County and Headquarters DistrictThe District Executive Committee is responsible for supporting Group Executive Committees in their work, including, of course recruiting adults. The District has set up a Governance Support team…

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Adult Recruitment Section A

Section A – Actions you can take. These have all worked in one or more Lewisham Groups. A Parent RotaThis has worked in many Groups. If a section is lacking leaders then a meeting with the parents to say you…

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Adult Recruitment Toolkit

Need to recruit more adults? Here are some actions you could take – we know many of them have worked and they are listed under section A. Also, there is support available from your Scout District, County and Scout Headquarters…

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Brand Centre

Brand Centre – Learn more about our brand and get all you need to create great communications. Download guidelines and logos straightaway, or if you are an adult volunteer you can register to access a wide range of tools, resources,…

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County Resources

Resources to help you recruit adults Our development service has designed a range of leaflets for your group or unit to use to engage with the general public, your local community, and the families of your members.