Adult Recruitment Section C

Section C – Useful Links

This section contains a lot of material that you may find useful. But don’t forget that there is no “right way” of recruiting. Some of the ideas will work for you and others may not. Your “right way” is the one that works for you .


  1. Opportunity Cards:
    These are simplified role descriptions for key roles in the Group. They provide sufficient detail to explain the role to potential volunteers:
  2. Parents Rota Forms:
    These have been used in several Groups for organising rotas – you can modify the templates to suit your circumstances,
  3. Recruiting Adults – the Salami Approach:
    An alternative way of thinking about breaking jobs down (together with a case study).
  4. The Spider Web of Recruitment :
    Thinking about a continuous recruitment process:


  1. Recruitment Pages on the County Website:
    An Aladdin’s cave of resources and ideas! South London Scouts Recruiting Resources
  2. County Opportunities Board – useful recruiting resources:

Scout Headquarters:

  1. Growing Scouting” This links to the section of the site covering all aspects of adult recruitment with a wealth of information available:​
  2. Scouts Six-Step Recruitment Process:
    This is a structured process that has been used by the Scouts for over 25 years and it can be very successful. It is more suited to the recruitment of management roles than helpers with smaller roles, but if it works for you, that’s great. Six simple steps for recruiting volunteers

Local Authorities

  1. Lewisham Local – have taken over the register of volunteers from Voluntary Action Lewisham. You can register your opportunities at:
  2. Bromley Volunteer Centre – can be useful for Groups in the South of the District: