Adult Recruitment Section B

Section B – Who can help you – District, County and Headquarters
  1. District
    The District Executive Committee is responsible for supporting Group Executive Committees in their work, including, of course recruiting adults. The District has set up a Governance Support team to do this and you should have a member of that team appointed as a point of contact who can advise you on governance issues. Lewisham Scout District has a website that is being revamped to make it more attractive to adults and young people who want to join and more useful for adult volunteers. The District has its own Facebook page and Groups will use this as a means of asking for adult support with a degree of success Our aim is to try and create a network for Group Chairs, Secretaries, and Treasurers. This is currently being worked on.
  2. County
    Greater London South has its own website and wants to join a scheme. Useful links are shown below. The County also provides support to Districts and on occasion to Groups but this is best accessed via the District Governance Support Team.
  3. Headquarters
    Scout HQ has a wealth of material and publications available on its website, Some of the most useful links are in Section C below. If you are struggling with something ring the Scout Headquarters customer services/ information center. We find the team there incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.