Lewisham Scouts

About Lewisham Scouts

Hey, my name is Luke, I am a Scout leader for the 1st New Cross and District Comm's for Lewisham. I love volunteering my time and Helping where I can.

Shining Stars

Award Name Group/Unit Silver Award Shelby Millard 1st New Cross Silver Award Joanne Fuller 1st New Cross Silver Award Adam Longhurst 3rd Crofton Park Silver Award Donna Edwards 12th Lewisham South Silver Award Barry Goswell Frylands Wood Scout outdoor centre…

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County Commissioners Award

Date Name Group/Unit Sep-12 Trevor Quinton Mar-12 Micheal Jordan Nov-12 Tom Wheeler Jul-12 Val Holloway Jun-12 Philip Andrews Jun-12 Dave Fricker 1st New Cross Jun-12 Beverly Jordan Jun-12 Rodney Carder Jun-12 Ian Andrews Jun-12 Garry Copper Jun-12 Jackie Hanwell Jun-12…

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Award for Merit

Date Name Group/Unit 2021 Richard Studd 2nd Sydenham 2020 Adam Longhurst 3rd Crofton 2019 Morgan Fuller 2nd Sydenham 2019 Tom Turnham 11th Forest Hill 2019 Mel Fuller 2nd Sydenham 2019 Alan Britchford Lewisham District Jan-08 Brian Sweeting 1st New Cross

Silver Acorn

Name Group Group/Unit 2021 Julia Anstey 9th Sydenham 2012 Ray Turpin — 2012 John Roberts — 2012 Kevin Murphy Lewisham District 2012 Garry Leach Lewisham District 2011 Ray Wickes — 2011 Phil Matthews — 2011 Pam Goodwin — 2011 John…

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Bar to the Silver Acorn

Date Name Group/Unit 2021 Kevin Murphy Lewisham District 2021 Garry Leach Lewisham District 2008 Trevor Flanders — 2006 Lawrie Smith — 2006 Lena Richardson — 2005 Josie James — 2004 Mike Jackson Lewisham District 2000 Peter James —

Silver Wolf

Date Name Group/Unit Nov-19 Richard Morrison Lewisham District Mar-19 Trevor Flanders 28th Lewisham North Apr-18 Bill Compton 12th Lewisham South (1st Downham) Apr-16 David Bixby Frylands Wood Service Crew Active Support Apr-12 Mike Jackson Lewisham District Apr-12 Lawrie Smith Lewisham…

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