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County Commissioners Award

Sep-12Trevor Quinton
Mar-12Micheal Jordan
Nov-12Tom Wheeler
Jul-12Val Holloway
Jun-12Philip Andrews
Jun-12Dave Fricker1st New Cross
Jun-12Beverly Jordan
Jun-12Rodney Carder
Jun-12Ian Andrews
Jun-12Garry Copper
Jun-12Jackie Hanwell
Jun-12Dave Hanwell
Jun-12Gemma Mc Gill
Jun-12Richard MorrisonLewisham District
Jun-12Gillian Leach6th Lewisham South (St Andrew’s)
Jun-12Robert Ludlow32nd Deptford
Jun-12Elieen Copper
Jun-12Ana Gomes
Jun-12Mario Gomes
Apr-12Luke Cohen1st New Cross
Mar-12Chris EllinsonLewisham District
Mar-12Peter Hapgood
Jan-12Narden Moneapillay
Jan-12Barabar Parsons
Dec-11Win Cox
Dec-11Lesley Payn
Dec-11Amanda Pywell21st Lewisham North (Our Lady of Lourdes)