Planning and assessing risk

Assessing risk in order to reduce or remove it is at the heart of safe Scouting and is present in everything we do. Remember risk assessment is something we all do every day in deciding to cross a road or get out of the car, so no one should be scared of doing a risk assessment within Scouting. Resources are provided to help provide simple and practical guidance on this issue.

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Risk assessments

This guidance is to help you minimise risk both before and during an activity or event. 

Safety checklists

The Safety checklists are aimed to help all adults working with young people to fulfil their role and responsibilities in managing and supporting safety in Scouting.

Managing free time activities safely

Some tips on how to reduce the risk of incidents during free time activities.

Yellow Card

We all need to continue to follow the Code of Behaviour set out in the Yellow Card when connecting with young people online.

Purple Card

This card provides support for safe Scouting and guidance in the procedures for dealing with an emergency.