The Ron Fox Awards Panel: Constitution / Terms of Reference


The Ron Fox Awards Panel is a sub-committee of the District Executive Committee responsible for the allocation of grants to Scout Groups.


The Panel’s quorum is three.


The Panel is responsible for awarding grants from funds made available by the District Executive Committee in accordance with the “Ron Fox Fund Terms of Reference” approved by the District Executive Committee.

Reporting to

Lewisham District Executive Committee. The Chair will ensure that a written report is submitted to each meeting of the District Executive Committee on key issues.

Frequency of meetings

The Panel will normally meet four times each year or otherwise as the Panel Chair may consider necessary.


  • To allocate funds to Scout Groups to support development proposals / projects;
  • To ensure that grants made are as effective as possible in encouraging the development of Scouting;
  • Where insufficient funds are available to support all bids made to decide an appropriate allocation between the applicants.

In making decisions as to allocation the Panel will have regard to the Ron Fox Fund Terms of Reference.

Membership of Sub-Committee:

All members other than ex-officio members are appointed by the District Executive Committee. Membership will comprise:

  • The Panel Chair
  • Up to 6 additional members with relevant knowledge and experience and representing the full geographical spread of the District.

The District Commissioner and the District Chair are ex-officio members of the Panel in accordance with the District Constitution.