District Team

If you have any questions for the members of the Lewisham Scout District team, you can contact them via the following email addresses:

District Management Team
District Commissioner Jennifer McCullough dc@lewishamscouts.org.uk
Deputy DC Vacant ddc@lewishamscouts.org.uk
ADC Beavers Michelle Buckle adcbeavers@lewishamscouts.org.uk
ADC Cubs Gill Hodgin c/o dc@lewishamscouts.org.uk
ADC Scouts Bill Compton adcscouts@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Explorer Scout Commissioner Vicky Wilcox desc@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Scout Network Leader Joe McEvilly, David Heathcote network@lewishamscouts.org.uk
ADC Activities Vacant dc@lewishamscouts.org.uk
ADC Programme Support Vacant adcprogramme@lewishamscouts.org.uk
ADC Development Chris Ellinson adcdevelopment@lewishamscouts.org.uk
ADC General Duties Josie James adcgeneral@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Scout Active Support Manager Richard Morrison sasmanager@lewishamscouts.org.uk
Local Training Manager Mandy Pywell LTM@lewishamscouts.org.uk
Media Development and Communications Manager Vacant adccommunications@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Executive Committee
District Chairman Mike Jackson districtchair@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Secretary Lesley Hine districtsecretary@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Treasurer Julie Hetherington districttreasurer@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District HQ Manager Mich Wall dhqbookings@lewishamscouts.org.uk
Chair of the Frylands Wood Sub-committee Alan Britchford fwsoc@lewishamscouts.org.uk
Chair of the Appointments Sub-committee John Goodwin appointmentschair@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Development Manager Richard Morrison development@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Support Team
District Explorer Scout Administrator Vacant desa@lewishamscouts.org.uk
Explorer Scout Unit Finance Officer Vacant esufinance@lewishamscouts.org.uk
Young Leaders Explorer Scout Unit Leader Mark Thompson ylesu@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Press Officer Vacant pressoffice@lewishamscouts.org.uk
District Web Manager Graham Anderson webmaster@lewishamscouts.org.uk